Peak Design Work's HS-1 Programable Coolant Nozzle Kit is the end result
of 2 years of testing and developing and perfecting and we have been using
it in production for over a year. It is very robust and will provide years of
reliable service.

Everything needed for the installation is in the kit including all the
necessary hoses, brackets, hardware and a one piece wiring loom. This kit
has a NEW Haas 32 position P-Cool unit included completly assembled on
the arm along with all linkage and brackets to make one easy to install

Designed to be a truly bolt on, plug and play kit with no wire cutting or
splicing in most cases. Installation time should be less than a day. All you
add is a few tools and a little time!

Complete Peak Design Works HS-1 Programable Coolant Nozzle Kit
is only $2049.00.

HS-2 owners please note:
This kit may fit or be adaptable to some HS-2 machines. If you have an
HS-2 and are interested please call for more information

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HS-1 Programmable Coolant Nozzle Kit