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Anyone operating a Haas HS-1 Horizontal Machining center knows that coolant control
is a big problem. The factory nozzles throw lots of coolant but not always where it's
needed for most tools. 24 tools and only 4 nozzles means that most of the tools are
not getting the best application of coolant. Good enough? Tell that to that to the 2-56
tap down in the bottom of a pocket! And TSC (through spindle coolant) only works on
tools large enough to have a hole through the center and those tools are a bit pricey.

This fully programmable coolant nozzle kit addresses all these problems and more.
Seamlessly integrates with the Haas control to operate just like the factory P-Cool
options on other Haas machines with nozzle offsets set on the offset page of the
control. Automatically moves out of the way of the tool carrosel while the tool is
changed and then moves back into position after the tool change is completed. No
special programing is required. Now each tool can have it's own programed nozzle
position to apply the coolant in exactly the best spot, and it can also be adjusted while
cutting without stopping the machine or reaching into the cutting area! And how about
being able to blast a concentrated stream of coolant directly at a tap instead of just
splashing somewhere close!

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HS-1 Programmable Coolant Nozzle Kit