R.O.I. will be shortened even more when you figure the coolant savings
you will see because 75% of the coolant isn't making the mist that is going
up in the mist collector. Our coolant usage has been reduced by 5-10
gallons a day on some jobs! Those savings add up fast when you figure in
the cost of coolant concentrate. This one upgrade really does make a
difference and is the most cost effective investment you can make in your
Haas HS-1 short of buying a new one.

Operators no longer have to stop the machine and lean into the work area
to adjust nozzles thus avoiding possible contact with sharp tools, chips and
coolant drips and splashes. The far nozzles are so convienient to adjust too.

With 75% less splash workpiece visibility in the machine is greatly

The amount of mist pumped into the shop air is noticeably reduced for a
better work environment.

Leaks and drips are reduced because only one stream is hitting only the
cutting area, not the doors and windows.